3rd Year Group Film

Unleashed (2020) – Sheridan Animation Group Film
Unleashed (2020) – Sheridan Animation Group Film

UNLEASHED is a comedic animated short film in which two rival dog warriors have an epic and exciting battle over a valuable treasure – or so the dogs tell it.

Fiona Wadsley: Co-Production Manager, Animation, Clean-Up, Rough Layout, Storyboard, Sound, Music, and FX Animation.

Unleashed is a 2D handdrawn short film created at Sheridan College as part of the 3rd year group film project. I was a production co-manager on this project. Below is a sample of the design work and development I did for the short film.

Color Scripts for Unleashed

Rough Layouts for Unleashed

Prop Design for Unleashed

Rough 3D Models for Reference.